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Zodiologists.com is an information resource for people who are familiar with the Zodiac Killer case, for Zodiologists who are sharing our passion for identifying the Zodiac Killer and that are interested in exploring the case from a different perspective, in order to finally solve a 40-year-old serial killer crime mystery.
If you are not familiar with the Zodiac case, the Zodiac Killer was California’s most enigmatic serial killer that terrorized the San Francisco Bay area in the 1960’s and 70’s, and possibly beyond. The Zodiac Killer, who claimed having killed at least 37 people, sent several taunting letters and encrypted messages to the media in California. Most of the Zodiac's cryptograms have not been solved until today.
Like many others, we would like the Zodiac Killer to be identified and see justice being served. Since obviously customary methods could not produce these outcomes yet, we feel that a new approach is required.
While extensive Zodiac Killer information can be found on the Internet, the hidden contents of most of the Zodiac Killer codes remain unknown. Many people believe that they may contain valuable clues, possibly even the name of the Zodiac Killer. Therefore, we put strong focus on cracking the Zodiac Killer cryptograms, and this from not only the perspective of cryptanalysis but also the careful evaluation and interpretation of their decrypted content.
At least from what has been published on the Internet so far, the Zodiac Killer letters and other communications have been mainly reviewed from the perspective of handwriting and fingerprint analysis. Lesser attention has been given to contextual and behavioral aspects. Therefore, we are confident that with careful interpretation of the Zodiac letters additional insights can be brought to the discussion table to inspire further debate and research.
As you possibly observed already, our website does not contain a Zodiac Killer suspects page. This is for a very simple reason – we do not believe that any of the publically known Zodiac suspects is the Zodiac Killer. However, we do believe that there is a good possibility that the Zodiac Killer and his motivations have not been fully understood, and that there is still plenty of potential for solving the Zodiac Killer case out there if we start looking at things from a different angle.
We see great value and new opportunities in an innovative Zodiac Killer profiling approach. Hereby, we will ignore the ever-shrinking list of commonly known Zodiac Killer suspects and will shape a new Zodiac Killer profile based on scientific method and deductive reasoning, where behavioral and psychological aspects will be taken into account.
Our website is dedicated to the Zodiac Killer's victims and their loved ones, who suffered great loss of life and lasting damages to their wellbeing. While we cannot make the terrible crimes of the Zodiac Killer undone, we are confident that with the help of other Zodiologists we can crack the Zodiac case and bring light to darkness at last.
We are continuously enhancing our website with new content. Please drop by again soon for updated information.
Thank you very much for visiting our website.
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