About Us

We are an international team of people who developed a special interest in the Zodiac Killer case ever since we saw the Zodiac Killer movie some time ago. While we quickly realized that the movie contained many discrepancies compared to the actual events, our curiosity grew with every piece of information that we discovered.
We found the Zodiac Killer ciphers particularly intriguing and, like many others, we took the Zodiac Killer's intellectual challenge cracking them. In the meantime, we have put quite some effort in working with the ciphers and will be happy share with you our findings in due time.
Apart from breaking news on the Zodiac Killer ciphers, we will thrill you with new information, new thoughts, opinions and - most importantly - sensational new insights in the Zodiac Killer case, based on a radically new approach. Currently, we are in process of enhancing our core team with people who have particular expertise and capabilities in their fields, including an experienced behavioral scientist.
With the progressing development of this new website, we expect that we will be able to make first information available to you anytime soon. Please revisit frequently for updated content. We promise you that you will be very excited.
We believe that together with our joint efforts and the support of all of you out there, the Zodiac Killer case can still be resolved. We are looking very much forward to working on this together with you!
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