Z 408 Comments & Conclusions

Many people believe that the Zodiac Killer had advanced knowledge of cryptography, that he was a kind of evil genius that meticulously and coldly drew his ciphers.
Neither do we believe that Zodiac Killer was a genius, nor can we support the notion that he had advanced knowledge of cryptology. We are sorry if this temporarily demystifies part of the story. We promise you increased excitement levels when we present more information soon. Here for the time being our comments and conclusions on the Z 408 cipher:
The way the Zodiac Killer worked on the cipher suggests that he was not really a person with advanced cipher skills. Quite obviously, the Zodiac made various mistakes, presumably when transcribing the cipher from a draft to its final version. We believe that he failed to properly read his own handwriting of his draft version in case of the cipher symbols zodiac cipherzodiac cipher and zodiac cipher. He also was not overly precise with the triangular symbols zodiac cipher, zodiac cipher and zodiac cipher, either for the same reason, or simply because of using a writing tool too rough for drawing fine cipher symbols, and therefore too difficult for himself or others to read them correctly. We also believe that missing the letter ‘I’ in the word ‘EXPERIENCE’ was an error of omission or otherwise lack of proper spelling. A more experienced cryptographer would have been much more accurate and would not only have thought of the sender but also of recipient.
In a nutshell, with his first known cipher, the Zodiac Killer did quite a sloppy job. Some people may say that he made the errors to make the cipher more difficult to crack. While the errors certainly made the cipher more difficult to decode, we don’t believe that the Zodiac Killer made them intentionally. If indeed the Zodiac Killer was such a cipher genius, he would have had other and more advanced means to increase the cipher’s difficulty level.
So, what about the last 18 letters EBEORIETEMETHHPITI. Are we certain that our interpretation is correct? No, we are not. However, we got a few points that should upgrade our interpretation from hypothesis to theory level:
The acronym and words have all a strong religious reference and meaning, with exception of the stop word ‘ITI’
2. Three of the words, with exception of the acronym ‘EBE’, are words from different ancient languages. Here our point is not that the languages are different, but that all are Indo-European languages and that all are ancient
The acronym and letters are coherent and consistent in logic, sequence and meaning, and express something in the sense of:
What additionally supports our points is that the Zodiac Killer spelled the word ‘Christmas’ as ‘Christ Mass’ in his letters. This already suggested a religious orientation and would be very consistent with our point 1. above. Additionally, the Zodiac's apparent concept of being ‘reborn’ and having an ‘afterlife’ strongly points into a religious direction. EBEORIETEMETHHPITI has been written directly after the word “AFTERLIFE” in the text of the cipher.
Furthermore, in one of his letters the Zodiac Killer lectured about the meaning of an ancient Norse word, which would be consistent with our point 2., especially since Old Norse is also an ancient Indo-European language.
Last but not least, the stop word ‘ITI’ in the sense of ‘THAT’S IT’ is consistent with the Zodiac Killer not signing the cipher with his real name or not telling his real name in the cipher text.
Did the Zodiac Killer lie when he wrote “In this cipher is my identity” in the cipher’s cover letters? Well, possibly he didn’t. If we look up the definition of the word identity, WordNet describes it, amongst other definitions, as ‘the distinct personality of an individual regarded as a persisting entity’ or ‘the individual characteristics by which a thing or person is recognized or known’. Therefore and very clearly, a person’s identity is not equivalent to a person’s name.
The Zodiac Killer promised in the cover letter of the Z 408 cipher that the cipher would contain his identity, and he did not promise that the cipher would contain his name. In fact, he even stated very clearly in the cipher that he would not give his name. Therefore, in our opinion the Zodiac Killer didn’t lie. He was only more precise in his definitions than many of the readers of his letters and ciphers.
As we said before, we are not hundred percent certain that our interpretation of EBEORIETEMETHHPITI is correct, yet it is in our opinion the most plausible interpretation available so far.
Anyway, what we consider as very intriguing is that, on the premise of its correctness, our interpretation would shed completely new and different light on the Zodiac Killer’s possible identity. If the Zodiac Killer had indeed sound knowledge of ancient words from different languages, if the Zodiac Killer indeed had strong religious motivations and background, does this sound like one of the common Zodiac Killer suspects to you? Well, definitely not to us.
Soon we will present additional information that will further strengthen our above points. Please visit our website again for updated content. In the meantime we would be happy to receive your feedback. Please drop us some lines via our contact form on the above, no matter if you agree or disagree with our theory.
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