The Patricia Hautz Letter (November 1967) - Introduction

Not much information is available on this suspicious letter sent to Riverside Press Enterprise, assumingly in the first week of November 1967. The letter itself dates November 1, 1967 and carries the typewritten signature of “Patricia Hautz”, allegedly a fellow student of Cheri Jo Bates who had been murdered exactly one year earlier in the later evening hours of October 30, 1966. However, there has been no fellow student of Cheri Jo Bates listed with such name.
Zodiac Killer Patricia Hautz Letter
Reproduction of the 1967 Patricia Hautz Letter
There are different opinions on who actually wrote the letter. Many people believe that the Patricia Hautz Letter has been authored by the same individual that wrote the Riverside Confession Letter.
In order to arrive at an own opinion and conclusions about the author of the Patricia Hautz Letter, we carefully analyzed the letter text and could make some interesting observations.
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