Recommended Links

The following Zodiac Killer links to websites outside are listed in alphabetic order. The links are provided for convenience and information purposes only:
Federal Bureau of Investigations
Documents include requests for FBI assistance, results of FBI analysis, and tips from the public on the possible identity of the Zodiac Killer
Project MK-Zodiac
Very interesting must read information for every Zodiologist
Skywave Solutions
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The Zodiac / Manson Connection
Great website exploring the possibility that Charles Manson was the mastermind of the Zodiac Killer crimes, with unique pertinent information
Zodiac Killer Chiphers
Interesting information, tools and links relative to Zodiac Killer codes, including the 340-Character Cipher (Z 340)
Great forum with friendly, open-minded and supportive people. Registration required
Zodiac Killer TRUTH
Very good information resource, including some rare letters and ciphers. The website also has a message board
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