The Celebrity Cipher (Z 63) - Introduction

We found a copy of the so-called “Celebrity Cipher” in the Zodiac Zee forum. The copy of the cipher has been in the possession of Zodiac researcher Sandy Betts. Another Zodiac researcher, AK Wilks, notified us of the cipher’s existence.
Celebrity Card Cipher
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At a first glance, the Celebrity Cipher looked simple. However, it took us nearly 10 days to crack it. As typical of other ciphers attributed to the Zodiac Killer, also the Celebrity Cipher came with a number of twists and challenges.
For reasons detailed in the Conclusions page of this Celebrity Cipher section of this website, we believe that there is a rather high probability that the Zodiac Killer has authored the cipher. If this would be so, it would suggest that the Zodiac Killer was still around in 1990 and either stayed, traveled and/or even operated in the area. is proud to present the solution of the Celebrity Cipher Z 63 for the first time in history. We very much believe that our cipher solution is correct. Please have a detailed look and judge for yourself.
We would like to express our sincere thanks to Zodiac Zee forum and Sandy Betts for making a copy of the Celebrity Cipher available, and AK Wilks for sharing the information with us. Without their effort and dedication to the case, we would not have been able to crack the cipher since we had not known that it existed.
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