Zodiac Killer Letters, Cipher Texts and Other Communications

This section of our website contains texts and images of presumed and confirmed Zodiac Killer letters, ciphers, and other Zodiac Killer communications.
Hereby, it is not our intention to repeat already known Zodiac Killer information. Instead, we are trying to review, analyze and interpret Zodiac Killer letters, cipher texts and other communications from the presumed perspective of the killer by means of explorative research. With this approach, we attempt to gather new ideas and fresh insights for new conclusions that we will subsequently review and test for consistency with known facts of the Zodiac Killer case.
As a result, we hope to produce valuable findings in regards to the true identity of the Zodiac Killer. These findings shall support us in our effort to shape and suggest a new profile of California's most elusive serial killer.
As starting point of our considerations on the following Zodiac Killer letters and other communications, we took the Zodiac Killer’s obvious need and desire to communicate his crimes, views and intentions to the police, media and public. This need and desire is evident from the many letters and ciphers that the Zodiac produced over a long period of time. At the same time, we took into account the Zodiac Killer’s obvious need to disguise his true identity in order to avert detection. These conflicting yet interdependent needs must have posed quite a challenge to him.
Comparing Zodiac Killer letters and cipher texts with hard evidence from crime scenes indicates already very clearly that there has been definite truth inside the Zodiac Killer communications. Therefore, we consider it as fact that the Zodiac Killer letters and cipher texts have been truthful at least in part. Furthermore, if it was the Zodiac Killer’s objective to bring his views and intentions across to the general public by means of his letters and cipher texts, it would have been rather pointless for him communicating utterly wrong information.
However, every letter and cipher that the Zodiac sent meant to him that he had to take an extra risk through creation of additional evidence. From his perspective, it would have been safer and easier to commit his crimes silently, but this is not what he chose to do.
Common sense tells us that the Zodiac Killer could only mask his identity successfully if he presented wrong information and misleading clues on his identity at the same time. In other words, the more the Zodiac Killer was telling the truth about his crimes, views and intentions, the more he had a need to lie and produce fake clues in regards to his true identity.
There are people that believe that Zodiac communications were rather spontaneous and emotional acts of the killer. However, there are facts that suggest otherwise, like for instance that letters have been sent on particular dates, such as crime anniversaries, that cards like the Halloween card have been put together meticulously, and that the Zodiac took the time-consuming effort producing complicated ciphers using special symbols. Additionally, from the Zodiac’s perspective, it would have been high-risk sending messages rather carelessly. Consequently, we tend to believe that there is little to nothing accidental in the Zodiac Killer letters and ciphers and that most if not all of them have been the result of the killer’s very careful thoughts and planning.
In a nutshell, we believe that information that the Zodiac Killer’s provided in regards to his crimes, views and motivations is mostly correct, and that information that seemingly provides direct clues in regards to his identity can be considered as potentially fake.
Consequently, the actual challenge is to identify the truth and to separate it from the bogus leads that the Zodiac undoubtedly provided.
In order to look behind the curtain of possibly fake information, we will attempt to evaluate carefully, from the presumed perspective of the Zodiac Killer, where telling the truth or lying would have been of particular value to him. Additionally, we strive to interpret what the Zodiac has been actually saying or avoided to say, and we will apply deductive thinking to read between the lines.
Reviewing, analyzing and interpreting the Zodiac Killer letters and cipher texts, we did not focus on handwriting analysis but on consistency with the case, events, timelines and logic. We would like to point out very clearly that hereby we went beyond hard evidence and entered theoretical, hypothetical and even opinion levels that are based on limited, fragmented and sometimes even unconfirmed information. During this effort, we tried our best to be as objective as possible and hope that our analysis and interpretation of the Zodiac Killer letters and ciphers will add new food for thought and that it will inspire lively debate and further research.
We apologize that due to time constraints and busy schedules we cannot provide you with all information at the same time. Therefore, we are proceeding chronologically, letter by letter and text by text, starting with the earliest known Zodiac Killer communications. Please visit our website frequently for updated content that we will announce in the Zodiac Killer News section.
We thank you for your visit and hope that you enjoy reading. As always, we invite and welcome your feedback , no matter if you agree or disagree with us.
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