Z 148 with Cipher and Letter Merged

In order to not judge books by their covers, we converted the Z 148 to the 17-characters-per-row pattern of the Z 408 cipher. Furthermore, we merged cipher text and plain text in order to illustrate why we arrived at our opinion that the entire Z 148 document, Fairfield cipher and letter, were initially intended to be a full cipher.
The merged Z 148 solution sounds very "Zodiac" to us.

Z 148 Cipher Solution & Letter

Z 148 With Cipher and Letter Merged
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We would ike to draw your particular attention to the last word at V1-V4 that we read as "OVER".
Firstly, if we read this correctly, the word "OVER" is another stop word, with basically the same meaning as the last word "ITI" or the Z 408. We find that this is a striking coincidence.
Secondly, if we exclude the word 'OVER' from the other text of the message, then the text would end with the word 'LEFT', and letter and cipher combined would exacly match the 17-character-per-row pattern of Z 340 and Z 408.
We find both interesting indeed.

Z 408 Solution (Three Parts Merged)

For easier comparison we merged the three parts of the Z 408 cipher as well.

Z 408 Cipher Solution

Z 408 Solution (Three Parts Merged)
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We hope that the above full text illustration help to bring across our points. For further information please continue reading at our Z 148 Comments & Conclusions page.
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