Zodiac Killer Profile - Introduction

Within forty years of time, the Zodiac Killer case has not been resolved and the Zodiac Killer has not been identified. The Zodiac Killer - if still alive - is still at large. His heinous and cowardly crimes have not been punished, and the Zodiac Killer's identity remains unknown.
To us it sounds fair and reasonable to say that, if indeed any of the known suspects had been the Zodiac Killer, there has been plenty of time and opportunity to build a solid case for his conviction in the meantime. However, this did not happen. Instead, even the main Zodiac Killer suspect had to be taken off the Zodiac Killer suspect list.
So, why didn't it happen? Why has the Zodiac Killer not been caught? Like others, we can only speculate about the reasons and will only know the truth after the Zodiac Killer's identity has been revealed. Anyway, here are our thoughts; please judge for yourself if we have a point.
The Zodiac Killer seemed to commit his crimes at random, with no apparent link to his victims. In presumed absence of a direct connection between the Zodiac Killer and his victims, law enforcement agencies could only work with hard evidence from the crime scenes, letters and ciphers as well as to follow hints and tips received from people who saw possible Zodiac Killer suspects in their family, amongst their friends or in their neighborhood.
At the peak time of the investigation, there were more than 2,500 Zodiac Killer suspects, and law enforcement agencies could only narrow down the suspect list by means of elimination, based on circumstantial evidence, coincidence and probability. Hereby, investigators had to mainly rely on leads, eyewitness accounts, fingerprints, palm prints and handwriting analysis. DNA evidence had not been known at that time, and criminological behavioral profiling was still in its infant stage. With 1960's technology and tools, law enforcement had been confronted with the overwhelming task of following up a huge number of leads. At the same time, other and non-related homicides in the area required more and more of their attention and resources.
Here is where we would like to ask some 'what if' questions. What if one of the 2,500 suspects could disguise himself well enough to look less suspicious than others and was therefore eliminated as a main suspect? What if none of the more than 2,500 suspects was the Zodiac Killer? What if the Zodiac Killer was a completely different person? Well, the answer is straight and simple. The investigation would have gone either into the wrong direction or even into nowhere.

Zodiac Killer Profile - Our Approach

We very much believe that molding the Zodiac Killer into the profiles of one of the remaining customary Zodiac Killer suspects is unlikely to produce promising results. In consideration of old and new information, we think that it is becoming less and less plausible that one of these suspects is the Zodiac Killer.
Therefore, we would like to go away from the commonly known suspects and take instead a much broader approach. Based on scientific method, we are going to create our own Zodiac Killer profile through systematic collection and analysis of data from empirical and observable evidence. In order to avert confusion, we will very carefully distinguish between hunches and ideas, hypotheses, theories and hard facts. We invite you to join us in our pursuit.
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