The Celebrity Cipher (Z 63) – References

As evident from other Zodiac Killer communications, the Zodiac enjoyed giving hints through references to poetry, alliterations, literature, musicals, songs, movies and popular culture. Therefore, we analyzed the Celebrity Card and the cipher text for possible clues of such and came up with findings that we consider very interesting.
The postcard itself has been titled “Sandy Beaches – California”.
The website Project MK-Zodiac mentions an individual nicknamed “Sandy” as Zodiac Killer suspect, linking him to the Domingos/Edwards homicide at a beach near Lompoc, California of June 4, 1963. For various reasons, we believe that MK-Zodiac made a possibly very important find. In that case, the selection of a card named “Sandy Beaches – California”, showing driftwood on an ocean beach, would possibly be more than just a coincidence.
We were quite amazed when we found the image of this 1967 card on the left that we publish with the kind permission of a person that prefers to be unnamed. The backside of the card carries the text:
Newest Motor Lodge on Lake Tahoe's beautiful South Shore. Featuring complete facilities. Coffee Shop, Room Service. Phones - T.V. - FM Music. Heated Pool and Private Beach. Only 300 ft. to Casinos. Open all year.
P.O. Box 658 Stateline, Calif.
Driftwood Lodge, South Lake Tahoe
Driftwood Lodge, South Lake Tahoe
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Are these “Driftwood on Ocean Beach” and “Driftwood Lodge” card references, with the lodge 300 ft. from the casino where Donna Lass worked, just another coincidence?
The Celebrity Cipher card carries as stamp with an image of American Modernist poet Marianne Moore, a possible poet/poetry references if the stamp, suggesting her image may have been picked intentionally. We consider this as quite likely, since the Celebrity Card’s cipher text resembles a poem.
Another striking reference is the postmark dated September 25, 1990 that is very close to the 20 years anniversary of the presumed abduction of possible Zodiac Killer victim Donna Lass at South Lake Tahoe, California and her supposed following murder in September, 1970.
The above is just an expression of our views. No matter if you agree or disagree, we would be happy if you contact us with your input or feedback.
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