The Riverside Desktop Poem (December 1966)

We decided to start our analysis with the so-called “Riverside Desktop Poem”.
The poem has been discovered in the Riverside City College Library during the month of December 1966. If the poem refers to the presumed Zodiac Killer victim Cheri Jo Bates, it must have been written before her murder on Sunday October 30, 1966. Consequently, this would make the Riverside Desktop Poem the earliest known communication attributed to the Zodiac Killer.
The morbid poem, titled “Sick of living/unwilling to die”, has been found written on the underside of a foldable desk in the Riverside City College library, which technically would make it rather a “Riverside Desk Underside Poem” than a “Riverside Desktop Poem”.
The poem carried the following text:

Sick of living/unwilling to die


if red /
blood spurting,
all over her new
oh well
it was red
life draining into an
uncertain death.
she won't
this time
someone ll find her.
just wait till
next time.
The Riverside Desktop Poem
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While initially the Riverside Desktop Poem has been considered as an authentic Zodiac Killer communication, there have been an increasing number of Zodiac researchers over the years who believe otherwise. Many of them are of the opinion that the Riverside Desktop Poem is a suicidal poem authored by an unknown female unrelated to the Cheri Jo Bates murder and the Zodiac Killer case.
In order to arrive at further conclusions, we decided to review the Riverside Desktop Poem from two perspectives, i.e. in view of a presumed suicidal female and in view of a presumed homicidal male. We then compared which scenario appears to be more probable.
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